Meet the Family Behind Pitchfork Ag LLC

Meet the Family Behind Pitchfork Ag LLC

Mike Daggett, fondly known as dad, is the owner of the business with mom, or Cindy. Jordan Trumm, her husband Robert J Trumm. and their little - Luke live in Eastern, Iowa however are very involved with the marketing and adminstravtive portion of this business. Alex and Donavon Daggett have taken on the project manager roles and make sure all contruction projects have the correct equipment and supplies on site, as well as ensure the projects go as planned. The youngest, Cameron L. Daggett helps when and where needed as he is currently at Iowa State University majoring in Engineering. 

Pitchfork Ag LLC was a dream of Mike’s, as he as always wanted to start his own business. After working very hard in all areas of the swine industry from being a grower himself to helping with grower development and much more. 

We look forward to meeting you all!

Meet Our Crew

Jordan  Trumm
Jordan Trumm
Administrative Assistant

Jordan is the oldest and only daughter of the Daggett family. She got married to Robert Trumm in September of 2017 and moved her family to Cascade, Iowa. Jordan recently joined the Pitchfork business as the administrative assistant. She will be helping with all the inventory, payroll, and organization of the store. 

Jordan has been helping the store since the start of the store front being open. She is the gal behind all marketing you see whether it be Facebook, our website, flyers, hats and t shirts, and more. She looks forward to continuing this but helping the store and construction side grow to bigger levels. 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, online shopping, traveling to warmer places, and preparing for a new baby. 

Jordan hopes to see the store grow to include more staff to serve more of you! Her goal is to organize the store in a fashion that provides great consistent customer service. 

Mike Daggett
Mike Daggett

Mike worked with Murphy Brown, largest pork producer and processor in the world first as a production manager responsible for over 500,000 spaces of wean to finish pigs. Mike spent his last 6 years with Murphy Brown as a construction/business development manager responsible for locating places to build, finding candidates to own and/or manage the space, assisting new site owners with financing, construction estimates, and following the sites through the construction process.

During his time in business development Mike was also responsible for barn upgrade programs, giving him a firsthand look at what barns need in terms of costs and equipment to continue operations as they age.

Mike bought his first site in 2007, a site that was 9 years old at the time and owned that site until 2013. In 2013 Mike built a new site under contract with Murphy Brown in Northern Iowa. As a site owner since 2007 he has learned what it takes to manage the daily responsibilities of both a site that requires more in maintenance and a new site. He has had to manage the manure application, making sure it was completed on time and legally as well as managing the expenses incurred by the site without ever having gone back to the lender asking for more money to operate the business.

In May 2018, he turned his dreams of being a retail store as well as a construction company into a reality when he opened The Pitchfork in Le Mars. At the time the local Toro was closing their doors and Mike saw the need to keep a high-quality lawn care equipment line in his town. He has now expanded that retail store to have brands like STIHL and Interstate Batteries.

When he isn't working, or watching his kids play sports, he enjoys golfing, playing catch outside with his kids, or spending time with his family!

Randy Weiss
Randy Weiss
Senior Project Manager
Randy Weiss lives in Eden Valley, MN with his wife of 15 years, Michelle, and their four kids. 
Randy has been apart of the the Pitchfork Ag, LLC construction team since the beginning. He joined our team and brought 22 years of hog barn maintenance, equipment installation, and project management. Randy has the role of our Construction Project Manager and oversees all hog building construction projects.
In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. When he is not at the Pitchfork, you can find him hunting or fishing. He also enjoys farming.
Donavon  Daggett
Donavon Daggett
Assistant Project Manager
Donavon is one of the sons of the Daggett family. He has been working for the company since he was in high school. Donavon came back after attending DMAC for construction management to be the project manager. He has been working full time with the company since 2022.

Donavon helps with the construction side of our company. He hauls equipment to job sites, assists on the job site in varies construction projects, meets with growers, and many other tasks.

When he is not working, he likes to golf, hang out with friends, hunt, spend time with family, and anything sports related.
Bob Kommes
Bob Kommes